Garden Center

We carry and install a variety of products that have a wide range of uses for your lawn, landscape, and garden. In addition to traditional products we also carry a selection of organic and environmentally friendly products from Morgan Composting. Adding organic matter will improve the structure, water holding capacity, and aeration of soils containing too much clay or too much sand.

Visit us today and ask how we can help your lawn and landscape become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Stone & Soils

We have a variety of stone materials to meet many specific needs. A standard 1"-3" stone always looks great in any plant bed area or decorative space. Drain stone and base materials for retaining walls and walkways are also available. Ask us to help you calculate your needs. We also have a variety of fieldstone and Michigan boulders for accents and retaining walls.

Whether you need topsoil, fill soil, or soil amendments, we have the products for you. Soil amendments are a benefit to lawns, plant beds, tree areas, and gardens. Our soil amendments are nutrient-enhanced composts that are blended together to best enrich your area. A little extra, earth-friendly, soil-friendly material can never hurt.

1- 2 1/2
Very common landscape stone. Brings attractive look to landscape bed and stones are large enough that they stay in place.
Price: $44.00 per cubic yard

1-2' Michigan Boulders
Decorative boulders for retaining walls and accents
Price: $150.00 per cubic yar

21AA Crushed Concrete
Recycled concrete material that is ideal base material for retaining walls, patios, and sidewalks.
Price: $33.00 per cubic yard

6A Drain Stone
Largely used for drainage in retaining walls and patios but can also be used as a decorative stone in landscape beds.
Price: $36.00 per cubic yard

Limestone Fines
Finely crushed limestone used primarily as a base material for patios and sidewalks.
Price: $45.00 per cubic yard

An excellent blend for general landscape uses. It is a mixture of compost and screened topsoil. It is ideal for many uses in the lawn and landscape.
Price: $24.00 per cubic yard