Welcome to our virtual nursery. Home of Mid-Michigan's finest and your favorite trees in Charlotte. We are expert growers of many different varieties of evergreen, shade, and ornamental trees. At our nursery we are able to give each tree individual attention to ensure their quality and vigor. As a customer, you are able to select the variety and tree for your specific location and needs.

Thank you for visiting our virtual nursery and we look forward to the opportunity to show you all the beauty and benefits that trees can provide.

Evergreen Trees

Norway Spruce - Picea abies
Height: 60'
Spread: 25'
Shape: Pyramidal
Price: $175.00

Black Hills Spruce - Picea glauca var. densata
Height: 45'
Spread: 25'
Shape: Broadly pyramidal to conical crown
Price: $175.00

Colorado Spruce - Picea pungens
Height: 40'
Spread: 20'
Shape: Pyramidal with densely set branches
Price: $175.00